AmeraMex International, Inc.

AmeraMex International Inc. is a company with a vision for the future and a vision for the growth of the industry that we primarily work in. Even with the country in a deep recession we have found ways to keep our business moving ahead and growing.

Hamre Equipment Co. was started in the late 1980's and was formed with intentions to work in the heavy equipment industry in Northern California. As things worked out and the changes in the business environment in Northern California reduced the number of Industrial plants, such as sawmills and logging contractors working in the region, it became obvious that Hamre Equipment Co. was going to have to change directions or be gone.

In the early 1990's Lee Hamre, the current President, made his first trip overseas. This trip was to Russia and the Far East. It was a result from that trip that Hamre Equipment Co. found the direction they needed to focus on. Over the next 12 to 15 years many machines were exported to countries like Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, and Mexico. But it was a rental contract with a company called AmeraMex International, Inc. that really changed things for Hamre Equipment Co.

In 2006 Hamre Equipment Co. and AmeraMex International, Inc. merged their companies together and created the company that we currently operate as AmeraMex International, Inc. and the DBA Hamre Equipment Co.

Hamre Equipment Co. is exporting used heavy equipment all over the world and traveling to meet with customers everywhere we are sending machines. In a few short years Lee Hamre has traveled to over 30 countries where we have shipped equipment. The business is flourishing with this change in direction.

Through relationships created by doing equipment business AmeraMex International was asked if we could bring other businesses to the countries in West Africa to do projects in infrastructure. This was a simple task for the Hamre Equipment Co. team since the customers we have dealt with in the past were just what they were looking for to do these projects. These companies here at home in the USA were also all struggling with same recession that AmeraMex International, Inc. was in and everyone wanted to go to work anywhere that they could make a good living and stay busy.

Since that time, AmeraMex International, Inc., has built relationships and partnerships with several different companies. We can get railroads built from scratch, or rebuilt where they are falling apart. We can build power plants, inexpensive housing, build roads, repair and build underground drainage systems, sewer systems, and properly engineer land fills.

We are currently involved in a new venture in West Africa to bring in a complete oil refinery and to train the operators and maintenance people in the operation skills needed. We are also putting together a large construction project to build a full scale, fully staffed and equipped modern hospital with a helipad on the roof for bringing in seriously ill patients from a network of 300 medical clinics around the area of West Africa.

AmeraMex International, Inc. together with their partner, Walker Farms of Idaho is working on an additional project to plant, irrigate, and farm one million acres of land in West Africa. This project will include the construction of the storage facilities for the crop at harvest time, the processing plants to prepare the products for shipment or sale, and the irrigation systems needed to make the farm profitable. This project will by the end of 10 years be able to feed 90 million Africans and it will employ an estimated 90,000 African workers.

AmeraMex International, Inc. supplies heavy equipment to many different industries, such as heavy construction, surface mining, infrastructure, logging, shipping and transportation. The fastest growing market for AmeraMex International, Inc. is the shipping industry. The company maintains an extensive line of equipment for the loading and off-loading of shipping containers from ships coming in and going out of ports up and down the West Coast of the United States as well as in many other countries.

One of the largest segments of equipment that the Hamre Equipment Co. staff is working with is the container handling industry. As authorized dealers for Taylor Machine Works and Terex, Hamre Equipment Co. is able to supply container handlers to anyone on the west coast that needs them. We also carry a large inventory of front end loaders, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, rock trucks, container handlers, log loaders, forklifts, and wheel loaders. AmeraMex International, Inc. dba Hamre Equipment Co. maintains a complete maintenance organization, which includes a large parts inventory and service department, complete with steam cleaning services, sand blasting and paint shop.

We have rebuilt and reconditioned loaded and empty container handling machines for export to Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, West Africa and Russia. These specialized machines handle the loaded and empty containers that are shipped everyday full with goods all around the world.